We are working to raise the quality of life for everyone, create new opportunities and connect people to work together to accelerate these endeavors. The focus of Cardano Park is on funding projects in the 3 most needed areas of social and environmental impact:

Air: Funding carbon removal and environmental projects
Food: Funding food drive projects locally and globally
Water: Funding ocean cleanup and clean water initiatives

As these problems affect more and more people, demand for solution based products is increasing dramatically. Cardano Park uses blockchain validation of these types of projects through 3rd party verifications and transparent on-chain measurement of their systems. Our system is designed to provide scalability to serve mass adoption of impact products.

Cardano Park will be funding multiple organizations in each of these areas who provide this level of blockchain transparency and accountability. The funding of these projects will happen in perpetuity and grow over time as more people participate and the price of ADA increases through the use of the network benefiting our stake pool and its earnings.

By working with each impact project we can use blockchain validation systems which will give us accurate feedback down to a fine grain level where each NFT can track its level of impact and provide the holder with a real time display of their donations which goes up forever while they hold the NFT.

Each project funded by Cardano Park will be tracked with updates on our blog and anyone holding a Cardano Park NFT will be able to join the Park Forum and ask questions about the projects, access to special events, information and more.

At the point when the governance of Cardano Park is turned over to the community in the form of a DAO the holders will be able to submit and vote on new impact projects allowing for the flexibility of the system in the future. The idea is to actually solve one problem and then move on to the next and be equipped financially to help solve any new problem which may be more important in the future.

As creators of Cardano Park it is our hope that it will continue for an unlimited number of years long after we are gone, providing a crucial mechanism and model for raising the quality of life for all humanity. 

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