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Functional Philanthropy
Cardano Park Land enables users to stake and earn passive, regenerative rewards by raising funds for charities, social and environmental impact projects.

Solving some of the most important problems facing humanity creates a unique opportunity to engage with people from all walks of life. By bridging the gap between “commercial” product development and “non-profit” philanthropy we can engage with more people and create new opportunities to earn profits that are tied to real-world impact.

What if you had direct feedback and transparency of exactly where the funds you give make an impact? What if you could actually invest in profitable systems that have built-in trustless charitable donation components?

Enter Cardano Park
As a user of Cardano Park it is possible to contribute small amounts of time and money and actually get something valuable in return. Earn revenue by raising funds for social and environmental impact projects.

Land Sale Tokenomics
Hold Cardano Park Land NFTs and earn passive crypto rewards by hosting games and experiences on your Land in the Philanthroverse, raising funds for impact programs.
Get blockchain verification and track the impact your funds are making.
The amount you earn is limited only by the price of ADA, your social networks and overall activity in the Park.
Become a part of something meaningful, earn passive income doing something good for the world and meet like minded people to form new collaborative experiences.

Who do we fund?
The Philanthroverse is divided into three main areas of impact;
Mountain Area supports clean air and pollution cleanup programs.
Valley Area supports food initiatives, disaster relief and sustainable farming programs.
Coastal Area supports ocean and river cleanup and management programs.

As the project grows, the charities and impact projects funded by Cardano Park will be submitted and chosen by the CPARK DAO. The main areas of the Park give users a way to focus their impact on projects that resonate with them. We will always be building awareness in these projects as part of our marketing and adding new partnerships as we grow.

Philanthroverse Land Parcels
We have been developing systems with the goal of adding value to the community and to the metaverse space. Part of that development has been in gamification of philanthropy as a way to engage more people, develop and direct funds to the best projects. In our journey we have found an overwhelming number of potential partners, experiences, games and events which will all come together as Cardano Park Land Parcels.

As we release our first round the price will double with 277 parcels and 12 rounds. By holding one of these parcels users can participate and will receive royalties on any experiences, games, events, portals, boats, hot air balloons and other things that are built on that Parcel in the future. All of the Cardano Park Land Parcels will be used to generate revenue for the philanthropic organizations in perpetuity using DEFI protocols such as our Cardano Stake Pool (CPARK) which will donate 100% of its earnings to impact projects in perpetuity.

50% of all Parcel sales is delegated to CPARK in perpetuity and used for the projects voted on by the DAO. These contributions could become substantial over time and would scale with the increasing need for environmental and social initiatives globally.  

Utility Staking
By holding Land in Cardano Park, you are staked to one of the impact programs (soon to be selected by the DAO) based on the type of Land you purchase.

50% of the funds earned from all games, rides and attractions and events on your land will go to the impact program you are staked to.
Funds are held in the stake pool (CPARK) forever and pay out to programs in perpetuity.
Resale - You can always sell your Land in 3rd party marketplaces. A 10% commission is paid to Cardano Park and the balance goes to holder. As passive income NFTs become more popular, the floor price for legitimate projects with real utility will become more valuable as the price of ADA increases and new users join the space.
Participation - Join the conversation and help solve the most important issues of our time. Cardano Park enables users to raise funds for impact programs and earn passive income in a transparent way while engaging with leaders and organizers. Meet like-minded people and form collaborative “Multi-Land” experiences. Now is the time to create the change we want to see in the world.

Land Parcels will be released in 12 rounds. The starting price will be ₳20 each for the first 277 and will double on each minting. After the Land Parcels are sold, owners will be able to add games, experiences and events that raise funds for impact projects.
50% of the funds generated by Land Parcels will go to the appropriate charities and impact projects in perpetuity.
25% of the funds generated by Land Parcels will go to the Land NFT Holder.
25% of funds raised on Land Parcels from users adding games, experiences and events are profits for Cardano Park Inc.

DAO Dashboard
Cardano Park Land holders will be given the first chance to become part of the CPARK DAO. New yield farming and staking systems will be added to the Cardano Park Philanthroverse and combined with our current stake pool initiative (CPARK) into one complete platform.

The Dashboard interface will enable users to manage their Land parcels and see exactly where their funds are making an impact. You can follow the “boots on the ground” missions of these amazing initiatives, join their cause and support social and environmental projects that impact our lives. Our goal is to give the community control over the long-term management of the funds, build a system that multiplies traditional donations and provide funding to these programs in perpetuity.

Cardano Park Inc will partner with the most important charities and impact programs, allowing for a transparent and engaging experience for users. By bringing the leaders of the philanthropic impact space to our blockchain-based tools, we will solve many of the main problems facing the philanthropic space. Land holders will also be incentivized to use their social networks to bring in new users to the Park who would like to participate.

As new users flood into various metaverse projects over 2022, Cardano Park can establish brand recognition through cross-promotion as the leading blockchain Philanthroverse.

Cardano Park gives charities and impact programs exposure to decentralized finance tools which have been traditionally only used by savvy investors. Our model of “functional philanthropy” is a profitable system that can provide perpetual funding to these projects through new blockchain based defi systems allowing them to spend less time raising new funds and more time solving the issues.

The Cardano Park Philanthroverse brings all these elements together in a focused way that engages users to provide awareness and incentives to solve the biggest problems facing humanity.

Thank you for making Cardano Park the world's best example for blockchain-driven philanthropy.

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