Our mission is to build a real, working example of a way to use blockchain technology to solve some of the most important problems facing our world. As technology progresses we see a strong need to bring these advancements directly to the areas where they can make the most impact on the largest number of people. To use new technology to raise the quality of life for everyone and apply the tools that financial institutions use for building wealth to also fund charities, social and environmental impact programs.

Cardano Park was created to fill the increasing need for utility in blockchain technology and to use that technology for the greater good. Our vision for a transparent, blockchain-driven donation system will revolutionize how people view philanthropy. Instead of believing you have to be a non-profit company to make a difference we can apply these defi tools to create value for users while solving the most severe problems in our world. Using proven, value-building products like defi funding, stake pools and NFTs we can build a future that is equitable and regenerative.

Why do this?

•Because we want our children to grow up in a world where the oceans and rivers are clean to swim and play in.

•We want to be able to breathe clean air and not worry about chemicals from the factory across town or use products that contribute to pollution.

•We don’t want climate change and extreme weather to ruin our supply chains causing food scarcity and inflation of the cost of goods.

•We want to continue to rely on the earth for the life-sustaining waterways that supply 100% of our food and power to our electric grids.

•We want to provide value to each other and build strategies for both personal gain AND to provide long-term funding for social and environmental impact programs.

•We believe the time has come for every technology based project to include some component of greater good impact, whether a giant corporation, a small business or simple personal project.

We are bringing blockchain transparency and gamification to philanthropy. If we are going to achieve these goals, a large number of people will need to include some type of impact component in our business and personal lives.

The Cardano Park model is a financial tool that makes it much easier for more people to create long term impact by participating and earning rewards for their efforts.

Cardano Park is working to build perpetual, transparent funding systems for environmental and social impact programs by connecting people directly to these projects in an immersive digital environment...The Philanthroverse.

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