The Cardano Park Model is a financial mechanism for creating perpetual funding for impact across the areas of air, soil, water and beyond.

Each series of NFTs are paired to an existing or new impact project selected by the Cardano Park DAO. Our limited series NFTs represent the amount of ADA held in the stakepool from the purchase price and also the future resale commissions from sales at higher prices in other 3rd party marketplaces.

Holders will connect their compatible wallet to our site and see a detailed real-time display of the amount of funds each NFT is donating based on the current price of ADA and original purchase price.

50% of the funds from sales of all NFTs are held forever in the Park Wallet and delegated to our own stake pool which earns rewards from transaction fees in perpetuity.
100% of the ADA generated by the Cardano Park Stake Pool (CPARK) are used to fund projects impacting carbon removal, food drives and ocean cleanup.

As the price of ADA rises over time the value of the funds held in the Park Wallet increases when converted to USD and donated to each impact project. Providing steady, predictable funding to these projects lowers their need to expel time and energy themselves raising money and allows them to focus instead on getting measurable results. A tangible, meaningful financial incentive for people to make actual progress on solving social and environmental problems raises the quality of life and opportunities for all of us.

Our collective issues with clean Air, Soil and Water will not be solved by a few non-profit organizations or governments and our social challenges will not magically go away.

By providing new ways for people to easily create impact we can greatly increase the number of people who participate in these programs and supply enough value to the community to create funding incentives that actually solve many issues we all face.

By turning governance over to the community DAO, Cardano Park can scale over time, while retaining the flexibility needed to solve new challenges over time and fund programs in perpetuity, without relying on sales revenue for its continued operations.

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