The concept behind Cardano Park is simple; Build a new financial tool on the Cardano blockchain which allows people to contribute to environmental and social impact programs that work to prevent climate change, hunger and the pollution of oceans and waterways. The Cardano Park model includes NFT galleries tied to the Cardano Park Stake Pool (CPARK).

By operating our own stake pool we can harness the earning potential of the Cardano network and create a system which funds impact programs in perpetuity without the need to supply new NFTs or raise additional funds. Holders of Cardano Park NFTs will be able to see (in real time) how much their NFTs are earning for an impact program and exactly what that program is accomplishing with their donation.

How can we remove carbon from the atmosphere, fight hunger and clean up the oceans and waterways with Cardano Park?

Funds from the sale of NFT’s, events, attractions and games in the Cardano Park metaverse are held as ADA in the Park Wallet and delegated to the Cardano Park Stake Pool in perpetuity.

CPARK earns fees by processing Cardano blockchain transactions and 100% of those fees go to funding each impact program in perpetuity. The amounts paid to these programs are determined by the number and type of NFTs sold combined with funds generated by the Park.

For example, if a user wants their proceeds to go to ocean clean up they can simply purchase Ocean Clean Up NFTs from our gallery. Then you can come to whenever you want and connect your wallet to see how much impact your NFTs are making.

50% of the funds from sales of all NFTs are held in the Park Wallet and delegated to our own stake pool (CPARK) in perpetuity.

100% of the ADA generated by the Cardano Park Stake Pool (CPARK) are used to fund impact projects which benefit all of us.

The stake pool earns fees based on how much ADA is held in the Park Wallet and at a certain point in time (based on the price of ADA) the amount of the overall contributions will therefore become more than the original price of the NFT sale. This can greatly amplify the single donation model for impact programs by giving them exposure to the cryptocurrency market without the risk.

As the Cardano network grows CPARK can optimize its earnings for the impact programs. If the price of ADA goes up due to increased transactions on the network the amount of the donations in USD to the impact programs goes up accordingly. This provides an opportunity to create a fund which pays sizable donations to worthwhile programs in perpetuity relieving them of spending their own resources perpetually raising money.

Why is Cardano Park different?
Cardano Park is an effort to bring a fresh approach to funding impact programs beyond the traditional donation model. Using proven financial system methodology and applying that to proof of stake blockchain assets we can leverage the funds from sales of our products to provide many times their original value to the projects they fund.

This follows our triple bottom line philosophy of creating social, environmental and financial growth. NFT holders will be able to connect their compatible wallet to our site and see a detailed real-time display of the amount of funds each NFT is donating based on the current price of ADA and the original purchase price combined with overall earnings of the Park.

By bringing blockchain assets to the impact space we can leverage these new powerful tools to create a better place to do greater good.

How do we decide who to donate money to?
Each set of NFTs are connected to an impact program which will eventually be selected by the Cardano Park DAO. As Cardano Park grows into a full Metaverse we are aggregating funds and directing them toward projects that impact all our lives providing a stable, healthy future for all of us. As we release new partnerships with impact programs the community will decide which ones deserve funding by purchasing related NFTs.

Our job is to provide as much choice as possible while vetting each project and providing a transparent way to track the impact you make by donating money to them. This feedback and transparency is the key to making a real difference giving money to the right people and actually solving issues like climate change, world hunger and pollution of the ocean.

At some point in the future depending on the rate of adoption and size of the community we will issue a governance token and the control of the Park and the projects we fund will be turned over to its holders in the form of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) which will continue into the future and maintain Cardano Park and its impact in perpetuity.

What are impact products?
We are working to raise the quality of life for everyone, create new opportunities and connect people to work together to accelerate these endeavors. The focus of Cardano Park is on funding programs in the 3 most needed areas of social and environmental impact:

Air: Funding carbon removal and environmental projects
Food: Funding food drive projects and nutrition education locally and globally
Water: Funding ocean cleanup and clean water initiatives

As these problems affect more people, demand for solution based products in the retail market is increasing dramatically. Cardano Park creates blockchain products offering validation through 3rd party systems to ensure that every ADA is spent doing the things that impact our world the most. We are creating transparent on-chain measurement of the impact every donation is having and an easy way for everyone to participate through digital assets. Our system is designed to provide scalability to serve mass adoption of “impact products”.

Cardano Park will be funding multiple organizations in each of these areas who are providing this level of blockchain transparency and accountability. The funding of these programs will happen in perpetuity and grow over time as more people participate. Anyone can contribute by participating in Park activities and help fund these programs even without spending money.

3rd Party Validation
By working with each impact program we can use blockchain-based validation of donations made by Cardano Park which will give us accurate feedback and verification down to a fine grain level. This means each NFT can track its level of impact and provide the holder with a real time display of their donations which goes up forever while they hold the NFT.

Each project funded by Cardano Park will be tracked by our system and anyone holding a Cardano Park NFT will be able to join our community and ask questions about the programs, get access to special events, receive air drops and much more.

What are the benefits of this type of system?
Based on our research with existing impact programs we recognize there is a serious problem where programs are forced to spend their time and resources actually going out and raising more money to continue their work. The Cardano Park model solves this problem by providing a steady source of revenue to these programs allowing them to use their resources to accomplish their mission.

At the point when the governance of Cardano Park is turned over to the community in the form of a DAO the holders of the governance token will be able to submit and vote on new impact projects allowing for the flexibility of the system in the future. The idea is to actually solve one problem and then move on to the next and be equipped financially to help solve any new problem which may be more important in the future.

What can you do in “The Park”?
Holders of Cardano Park NFTs can participate in our online decentralized Metaverse and see exactly how much their NFTs have donated to programs, learn more about the various projects, play park games to earn NFTs, sign up for giveaways and Cardano Park Events and even work for the Park and earn money by reselling NFTs in 3rd party marketplaces earning revenue for both yourself and for the impact programs.

The Park Metaverse will eventually give users a way to have direct interaction with the people and organizations who create real impact in our world … synergy in a virtual space.

The Park
Cardano Park will be a stylized ‘national park’ themed Metaverse and allow a wide range of user participation and interactions. We will be releasing each stage of the park in phases starting with the Cardano Park Gallery offering limited releases of Cardano Park NFTs. Soon we will open new 3D interactive experiences in the Park combining browser based free roaming with additional VR/AR and play to earn games that benefit the impact projects. NFT holders will be able to gain early access to events and special mints and resources.

Phase 1:
Cardano Park Gallery featuring NFT’s and Cardano Park Stake Pool (Open Now)
Phase 2:
Cardano Pond, Interactive NFT’s, Park Events and Games
Phase 3:
Cardano Park Metaverse, adopt land, plant-to-earn games

The Park Gallery will feature a wide range of different types of limited edition art from different artists, influencers and creators. Cardano Park is the place to browse and collect limited edition NFT art that you find inspiring, have eco-based experiences of all kinds and take part in creating a healthy, productive future where humanity can thrive.

Cardano Park Mint
The Mint consists of our Galleries where users can purchase Cardano Park NFTs. Each NFT series is done by our artist partners and will consist of limited edition sets of artwork, music, autographs, text and other rare content. The process of purchasing and holding the Cardano Park NFTs in the gallery is geared to both crypto experts who want to make a profit and new people who want to participate in a safe, easy to use system. Our purchase method takes the risk out of sending crypto to purchase NFTs and provides a better shopping experience for a wide range of users.

To create new NFTs for different impact programs we will be partnering with “guest artists” to create a high quality unique limited edition fine art set of original work for each series. This allows us to release all types of amazing art from a wide range of talented forward thinking artists and maintain a high level of quality and products that retain their value through their function as well as their aesthetics and rarity.

Users can purchase Cardano Park NFTs from our gallery in both ADA and USD. The prices in USD will change as the price of ADA fluctuates. Anyone can purchase a Cardano Park NFT by clicking on it and following a simple shopping cart checkout process. This does not include sending any cryptocurrency to any address in order to receive your NFT. It does require that the user have an ADA compatible wallet such as NAMI, YOROI or DAEDALUS.

The “Impact Component”
We encourage other tech companies, game designers and creators of all kinds to include some form of “impact” component into their business model. This can be a little weird if you havent thought about starting a non profit then how exactly do you just add an “impact” component to your business. Easier said than done, and most people don’t have the resources to do that other than donate some money to a charity.

We believe this can change and that everyone now has the tools to create just a little bit of impact for the greater good. And with all of us participating together we will incentivise enough people to get the job done and actually turn around issues like climate change, poverty and pollution without believing that philanthropy has to be done solely by non profit organizations and governments.

Small one-time donations for tax benefits aren't going to work, however if most for-profit companies include a small component of real world change in their sales channels the amount of impact would finally match the needs of our society and we will see change happen.

As Cardano Park grows into a full Metaverse we are aggregating funds and directing them toward projects that impact all our lives providing a stable, healthy future for all of us.

Cardano and the Environment
The reason we chose Cardano to base our project on is their stated goal of being a carbon neutral network. That means offsetting all the environmental costs of the nodes and all the companies working on Cardano. We would not presume to speak for them so if you want to read about Cardano's pledge to the environment and to social impact, read more here…

Our USD payment options are handled by Stripe. We are using Stripe as our USD payment solution because of their state goal to become carbon neutral. As they grow their programs we will be expanding our ability to pay with other cryptocurrencies.

Cardano Park is the next step in high-utility NFTs. The community is struggling with questions around cryptocurrency and its impact on the environment. The time for a carbon negative NFT marketplace on Cardano is now. In order to continue to innovate all blockchain projects are pivoting to proof of stake and carbon neutral technologies. This trend opens the door for projects which provide positive environmental, social and financial value to the community.

Our community led consumer-facing marketplace allows more people to take part in building a better future and make a profit. We believe that financial tools providing perpetual funding are far more effective than simply asking people to donate money or buying traditional carbon offsets. Join us as we build the next generation of impact tools and create the change we all want to see in the world.

Positive, measurable, transparent impact is just a walk in the park!

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