Land Holders
All Cardano Park Land holders will be given the opportunity to add games, virtual experiences, and host fundraiser events on their Land as well as direct engagement with the leaders and organizers of charities and impact programs. Follow the progress of the impact projects, join their efforts, play, earn and thrive!

Develop your Philanthroverse Land - The more developed your Land becomes the more funds you earn and raise for your chosen impact programs.

Offer your land for others to build on - By letting someone else build games or host events on your land you share the revenue created and allow more people to participate and aggregate followers for a common goal.

You decide where your impact funds go by purchasing Land in the appropriate Area. Stake to your favorite charity or impact program located in Air, Soil, Water areas of the Park.

Get direct payments in ADA (crypto rewards) for your share of all games, experiences and events hosted on your Land.

Resell your Land at any time in 3rd party marketplaces.

Floor Price
The floor price of Cardano Park Land will be based on demand for its payouts in ADA and the popularity of the Park. At a point in time when the Cardano Park Philanthroverse Land is sold out, users will still be able to build games and virtual experiences in Cardano Park on Land offered by other users who acquired Land during the minting.

Limited Minting
There will only ever be 10K parcels of Cardano Park Land. This will cover the entire usable area of the Cardano Park Philanthroverse divided into 3 Areas: Mountain, Valley and Coastal. They will be released in 12 batches of 277 parcels at increasing price points with each batch, plus 9 Founder Parcels.

3333 Mountain Parcels
3333 Valley Parcels
3333 Coastal Parcels
1 Visitor Center (DAO)

Users Rewards
Holders will be rewarded with a 5-25% share of all fundraising from games, experiences and events on their Land Parcels. (percentage based on engagement through social networks and other incentives).

Invite friends and receive higher % rewards, community incentives and air drops.

Mint new NFTs on your Land, earn commissions when you sell them in 3rd party marketplaces to raise funding for preferred impact programs.

Join with other users to create collaborative experiences and communities.
Get access to special discord groups, whitelists for other CNFT projects and more.

ROI for Cardano Park Land
The Cardano Park Land sale is projected to generate ₳34,021,140 (+- ₳35M).
50% of the total Land sales goes to the appropriate charities and impact projects in the form of staking to our CPARK stake pool (and other financial vehicles) and is then donated to these initiatives in perpetuity. 50% of the Land sale are profits for Cardano Park Inc.

Land Parcel Distribution

R0 9 Founder Land Parcels ₳0

R1 277@20 = ₳5,540
R2 277@40 = ₳11,080
R3 277@80 = ₳22,160
R4 277@160 = ₳44,320
R5 277@320 = ₳88,640
R6 277@640 = ₳177,280
R7 277@1280 = ₳354,560
R8 277@2560 = ₳709,120
R9 277@5120 = ₳1,418,240
R10 277@10240 = ₳2,836,480 
R12 277@20480 = ₳5,672,960

Visitor Center DAO DAO Token
3333 Parcels ₳11,340,380
9999 Parcels ₳34,021,140

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